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Hi and welcome to my blog. Here, you can find a number of useful articles related to an athlete’s everyday life. You can start your reading from the first bottle of water in the morning to the last drop of energy drink in the night. You can discover little secrets of enjoying your foods from breakfast to supper with delicious and healthy ingredients. You can get to know the best practices of physical workouts from the dumbbells to the weights, agility training, and interval training. You can also learn to relax your mind and body during the athletic recovery period. Of course, you can explore a lot more.

Foods You can’t Refuse – Tasty and Healthy

The trainers usually put the athletes on a diet plan. There is a list of what you can eat, what you should not eat, and what you may occasionally eat. In my blog, I share the secrets of eating from the “should not” category and still stay fit.

Foods You shouldn’t Refuse – Only Healthy

Being an athlete or training to be one is a tough life. There are many foods which you will for sustenance, fitness, agility, flexibility, and freedom from stress. In my blog, you can find recipes for many foods to keep you healthy and fit.

Homemade Beverages – Economical and Efficient

In my article, you can find many ways to prepare healthy beverages at home. I start from using a couple of limes to Sarsaparilla, mint, coriander, beet, Aloe Vera, and move onto almonds, dates, apples, jackfruit and many others. I give you recipes about fruit-cocktails which can give you instant energy.

Training – Strength and Stamina

I have gone through professional athletic training during my high school and college days. I can tell you the secrets of fitness for Sprinters, marathon runners, gymnasts, and others in the athletic domain. In my blog, you can discover the little secrets of how to keep running without stress and fatigue. You can learn how to enjoy your athletics career and training without grumbling.

Strength to your muscles and bones can come through workouts, diet, and endurance training. In my blog, you can discover a vast range of strength development equipment and tools. You can learn how to work on them without getting bored and stressed out.

Stamina is something which keeps you going for days, weeks, months, and years. It keeps you focused on the path ahead. You need fuel to keep pushing you ahead without tiring. In my blog, I share many successful mantras which have worked for me.