How Chiropractic Techniques can Help Athletes

I have been working as an athletics coach for short and long distance runners. I have a team of 25 athletes who compete at the college and national competitions. I start training youngsters from the age of 15 and guide them through their teenage and youth. The training for each stage is approximately six to ten months. I have a team of consultants who advise on nutrition, lifestyle, therapy, and treatments for my athletic team.

Performance Decline

I observe the performance level of my athletic team from the start to the end of the training period. If there are any changes, I consult my therapist and the nutritionist to get help. One year ago, I observed a curious phenomenon of fatigue and stress among the trainees like never before.

The symptoms included the inability to perform in the long-running events, constant thirst; lack of hunger, lower back pain, and weakening of the muscles. We tried every possible method on the therapy and nutrition cookbook, but nothing changed. There was absolutely no improvement in the health, fitness and performance levels.

Chiropractic Treatments

One of my friends suggested that I should try chiropractic treatments. We did try that and found them to be different from the other traditional methods. As a coach, I still had my doubts. I wanted to explore the treatment methods in depth. It was for the reason that I didn’t want one more short term method which could have serious side effects on my athletes. I met several chiropractic and physiotherapy experts. Nearly all of them recommended chiropractic for athletic strength and fitness.

Athletic Muscles

The key athletic muscles are the abdominal, trapezius, dorsi, biceps, triceps, hamstrings, gluteus, quadriceps, and soleus, etc. All of them are connected to the spinal cord through the fibers and nerves. Any changes in the spinal cord or the connecting nerves can affect these muscles considerably. The effects could be positive or negative.

Positive Effects

Chiropractic treatments started producing positive results for my athletic team. The main problem was their postures while running. Almost all of them had no idea about the right body posture while running, resting, sleeping, standing and sitting. I fact, even I had no idea about the impact of such postures on their athletic performance levels.

The chiropractor did take care of all the treatments and recovery procedures for my athletic team members. Of course, it did take time and the improvements were gradual in the initial stages. At some point, the impact started improving considerably. Then it took only about six to seven months for my team to recover fully.

Performance Improvement

Now, my athletic team can perform at its best levels from the training to the events and competitions all over Texas and elsewhere. We have been in the process of athletic strength development for anyone who is interested.


Today, I am a happy athletics coach who can deliver the best possible training within my limitations. Chiropractic treatments and massages have enhanced the efficiency and performance levels of every trainee who trains with my team.

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