How to Build Athletic Muscles for Fitness and Health

Athletic muscles are not only for the professionals but also for everyone who wants to stay fit and healthy for life. You could be underweight, overweight, or have any other BMI value (Body Mass Index); it is possible to get the athletic body within a short time. It may take relatively more time if your BMI is relatively high, but you can achieve your goal.

Start Simple

You don’t need to become a Carl Lewis, Maurice or Florence Griffith Joyner within the next few months. However, you can manage all your activities from morning to evening with the best possible efficiency.


 You may have to walk for one or two miles every morning. Avoid smoking at that time. Start with a slow-paced walk for the first 15 days. Then you can increase the pace and distance. Make sure you don’t stress your body or mind. You may also stop within the first mile if your body is getting stressed. However, you have to spend at least 30 to 45 minutes for walking.


 You can start with elliptical running after 15 days. You have to adjust the resistance and other factors according to the trainers’ instructions. You can experience vital changes in your body within the next few weeks.


Weights can burn the fat in the thighs, legs, hip, abdomen, belly, and chest. You can start with lightweight dumbbells and move onto barbells. Your trainer can help you better with the weight type, based on your present fitness and health conditions. Practice it regularly and your body can experience the improvements with time.


Cycling can burn fat from the thighs and abdomen at a faster pace than your expectations. It can also improve spinal cord strength and stability. The flexibility of your muscles can increase significantly within the first six weeks.


 Swimming is one of the greatest benefits for your entire body from the top to the toes. It can also remove the dirt and contaminants within your skin pores. Skin layers get more oxygenated blood due to purification. Swimming is very easy to learn and practice than you ever thought before.

Get Sophisticated

Sophistication is not the luxury your body wants. Rather, it is the need for better results for lesser efforts. So, you have to balance your diet practices and food consumption methods.

Add more of veggies, lean meat, fish, and seafood to your diet plan. You have to avoid pizza, burger, and other similar foods, at least for the weekdays until the weekend.

Eat more ice cream made of green-fed cow milk. You can prepare the recipe in your home, rather than opting for packed foods.

Increase the volume of water consumption at least 10% from today. You can also add two or three spoons of lime extract to the water with half spoon of salt. It is for keeping your muscles hydrated. The risk of injuries or damages to the muscles reduces significantly during a workout. It will also boost the pace of muscle fat burning and slimming.

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