Understanding Strength Training In Athletics

All forms of sports activity need strength training at some point or the other. But rather than see the whole issue as one of exercise, it is necessary to have a look into the most basic needs of the sportsmen’s bodies.  There is the diet plan to start with followed by the water intake, warm exercises, then strength training and finally rest and recuperation.  It would be in order that a brief study is done into these components to better understand the situation.

Diet plan

Most people have three main meals in a day. The breakfast, lunch and dinner. With sportsmen, they do have to have more than the three main meals. Most athletes and such folks have as much as ten to twelve meals a day.  That is rather than have three huge meals; the diet plan consists of smaller meals taken all around the day.

It often speaks highly of the commitment of the athlete to stick to a chosen diet plan and hence maintain full fitness.

Water intake

When speaking of the water intake, there is a distinction to be made here. That is often the athletes insist on intake of fluids that are meant to replace the fluid loss due to the strenuous exercises and sports activities. It is key to understand that the body not only needs food and water to function, but at the highest level of the sports, body fluid loss has to be compensated for and suitably too.

Unless properly hydrated, the person tends to lose weight and also the ability to perform at the highest of levels. A proper balance has to be maintained right through.

Warm-up exercises

It is important to warm up before involving in some kind of sporting activity.  This allows proper circulation of the system and helps tune up the body towards peak performance.  Also once a group of muscles is warmed up, it helps prevent any injury or damage to itself and the supportive tissues. A cold muscle group has the possibility that it could bring on itself hurt if put to the full stress test.

Once the body is warmed up and enough to break into a sweat, then the athlete has to perform the stretches to get the muscle mass to react to the stimulation. The better and more through the warm up exercises, the better is the chance of an injury free set of training procedures.

Strength Training

Strength training

Strength training primarily consists of using free weights and machines to load the body through a work out.  It is important to have gradations to the exercises as it helps build up strength.  Most sports activities do focus on particular muscle groups to gain strength and endurance. Thus the athlete has a set routine while the soccer player could have his own.


All sports activities and strength training routines put pressure on the body parts. It is important to allow time for the body to repair and bring the system to a balance. Sleep is essential to this restorative process.

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