Why Weight Training Is Important To Athletes ?

Most athletes undergo weight training at some point in their performing careers or the other. Considering the amount of interest that folks have shown in the field, it is necessary to bring on some operating points to how to go about using weights well.  There has to a technique and method of using weights in athletics and unless done just right, there really is no noticeable effect on the performer.

It is important to remove the misconceptions that people have towards the field of weight training and to educate the folks to use the weights wisely for most parts.


Injuries are part and parcel of every sports man’s life and career.  When a sportsman is using weights on a regular basis, it often is that they tend to recover and get better from the injury faster than someone who does not use weights at all.  Moreover, the extent of injuries much lesser in each instance which is worthy of note too.

Most of the muscles and bones are to be seen as shock absorbers and stabilizing appendages. I using weights it is possible to have a balance which is often not present in normal activities.  Weights strengthen these body parts and bring the person to a steady-state faster.


It is important for every sportsman to be flexible and to have a loose body. This prevents injuries and helps the person recover from activities faster.  Weights do provide positive support to sportsmen and athletes all the time. In fact, the act of weight training stresses stretching the joints and muscles before taking up the exercises, thus allowing the body to be more flexible than before.

Muscles work in pairs; when one set contracts, the other set expands and vice versa.  When training with weights both pairs are worked to maximum capacity and hence helps maintain complete flexibility in the structures.


One of the parameters that people use to measure out the body is to have a proper ratio between the lean muscle tissue to the fatty tissue. With weight training, it is possible that the lean tissue increases and the fatty tissue increases. Thus the person tends to have a better lean body to fatty tissue ratio and hence a better health profile all the time.

Resistance training aims at reducing the fatty tissue and increase the lean tissue all the time. Over a period of time, the efficiency of the athlete increases with resistance training and weights play an important role in such a feature.


Power is a product of intensity and duration. With weights, it is possible to stimulate the load conditions of most sporting activities.  It is a more efficient method to train as fewer efforts are expended in trying to spend time doing things that are not necessary.


The benefits of strength training are for those who stick to a plan. But there is no weight training that does not produce results most of the time and on a regular basis.

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